• Sports Prescription Sunglasses

    Introducing our revolutionary clip-in-free sports lenses, designed with you in mind!

    We know that clip-ins can be a hassle, which is why we've developed our lenses without them. Perfect for all sports, our lenses offer unparalleled comfort and convenience.

    Choose from our Optical Rim starting at just £65, or take advantage of our special offer on our Sol Invictus Wrap lenses, now starting at only £95. For the ultimate sports experience, we recommend our Primary + lenses, starting at £165 in a wrap design.

    And don't forget - we also offer our lenses as varifocals, so you can enjoy seamless vision no matter what you're doing.

    Upgrade your sports game today with our innovative clip-in-free lenses - you won't regret it!

Welcome to our top-of-the-line sports prescription lenses collection!

After years of hard work, we're proud to say that we've perfected our lenses to suit every budget. Our optical rim version, starting at just £65, is the perfect entry-level option for those looking to enhance their sports experience. But if you're after something more premium, look no further than our full wrap version, starting at £165 for single vision lenses.

And that's not all - we offer varifocals and transitions too, so you can tailor your lenses to your exact needs.

Our lenses are the result of years of research and development, inspired by your feedback at various exhibitions. We listened when you told us that you needed a wrap lens, and we're thrilled to say that we've delivered.

So why wait? Invest in your sports experience today and treat yourself to the best lenses on the market.
woman cyclist wearing cycling prescription sunglasses
Example of our single vision photochromic prescription sports glasses with a wrap lens and mirror finish
Our Primary Plus with Our Ultimate Photochromic Prescription lenses

Primary Plus Full Wrap Sports Prescription Sunglasses

You won't believe your eyes - this stunning image showcases our single vision prescription lens with a yellow base tint and a mirror finish, featuring a -2.0 cylinder.

But that's not all - since perfecting these lenses during lockdown, we've raised the bar even higher. Our upgraded version now utilizes the Transitions Drivewear lens, which not only works wonders in the car, but is also perfect for low light conditions, cycling, and even golf, with its superior contrast effects.

And if the amber tint isn't your style, don't worry - we also offer the same features with our Xtractive Transitions, which transition from clear to grey. And for an added touch of flair, we can also add a flash mirror finish. Please note, due to the intricate manufacturing process, these lenses may take 3-4 weeks to produce.

Upgrade your vision and enhance your sports performance with our advanced Transitions Drivewear lenses or Xtractive Transitions lenses - the choice is yours.

The Sol Invictus

Introducing our ND:R Sol Invictus sports sunglasses - designed to not only enhance your performance during competitions but also make you look cool when you're not!

Our Sol Invictus range is the latest addition to our family, inspired by our customers' feedback and developed to stay true to our original range while making significant improvements.

And there's no better time to upgrade your sports eyewear than now, as our Sol Invictus range is currently heavily discounted. Choose from our Red or White combinations and enjoy a clear single vision wrap lens for only £95!

Don't settle for subpar eyewear - upgrade to our ND:R Sol Invictus sports sunglasses and experience the comfort, affordability, and performance-enhancing features you deserve.
Sol Invictus Sports Sunglasses
Our most affordable prescription sports sunglasses set in a optical rim with a blue mirror finish starting at £65 a pair
These are our cheapest prescription lenses, but rather than the uncomfortable clip-in's these optical rims take a standard lens

Optical Rim Prescription Sunglasses

Introducing our affordable yet highly protective sunglasses - originally designed for customers with high prescriptions. Although they may not be as stylish as the full wrap version, they offer excellent protection and are perfect for those seeking an inexpensive alternative.

Starting at only £65, these sunglasses are a steal and can be produced quickly to accommodate your busy schedule.

We developed these sunglasses as an alternative to clip-ins, which are disliked by most cyclists due to their tendency to slip, weight, poor peripheral vision, and tendency to fog up. Our affordable sunglasses solve all these problems, without compromising on style or protection.

And best of all, they can accommodate any prescription - so you can enjoy clear vision while staying protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Available in Transitions as a Photochromic Sports Prescription

Looking for more options when it comes to your lenses? Look no further - in addition to standard tints, polarized, and mirror finishes, we also offer photochromic lenses in Xtractive Transitions™ and Drivewear™.

If you're looking for lenses that work in the car, our Drivewear™ option is perfect for you. With its amber tint and polarized feature, these lenses offer superior contrast, making them ideal for sports enthusiasts. On the other hand, Xtractive Transitions™ start clear and transition to grey, offering a versatile option for those who want a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

Simply select your preferred option when ordering through our online form below. With so many options to choose from, you can find the perfect lenses to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Perfect for all sports

In the world of sports, the last thing you want is for your sunglasses to detract from your performance. That's why our sunglasses are designed to be so lightweight and comfortable that you'll forget you're even wearing them.
Whether you're horse riding, playing golf or tennis, running, cycling, or competing in triathlons, our sunglasses are the perfect accessory to help you perform at your best.
What sets our sunglasses apart is their superior design - they don't slip or bounce, so you can focus on your sport without distractions. Plus, there's no annoying clip-in to restrict your peripheral vision, giving you an unobstructed view of your surroundings.
When it comes to sports sunglasses, ours are the clear winner - so why not give them a try and see for yourself?

Quality Built in

Perfecting our prescription sports sunglasses has been a journey, but we're thrilled to say we've finally got it just right. The secret to our success? A robust, high-quality frame that's specifically designed to stay put - even if you take a tumble off your bike.

Not only that, but our sunglasses are also incredibly comfortable, even during the most extreme events that last over 24 hours. We believe that your gear shouldn't hold you back, and that's why we've created a product that won't distract you from your performance.

To ensure that our prescription lenses are of the highest quality, we've partnered with one of the leading lens suppliers in the optical industry. Their state-of-the-art equipment is dedicated to producing the most secure, accurate, and fitted prescription lenses possible. With our sunglasses, you can trust that you're getting both quality and performance.

Competitive Pricing

Don't let our competitive pricing fool you - we're all about quality. We manufacture our own frames, which allows us to keep our prices low without sacrificing the high level of craftsmanship and performance you expect from your sports sunglasses.

We understand that prescription sunglasses are often a second pair, which is why we strive to make them an easy decision for you. Our sports frames are designed to be versatile enough to wear anytime, not just when you're out on the field or track. Whether you're playing sports or just enjoying a day in the sun, our sunglasses are the perfect fit for any active lifestyle.

When Completing the Form Below

Please note the higher the prescription the thicker the lens, although we are able to work with higher prescriptions please contact us first if you have a prescription over +4 or -5 as it may be better to purchase our optical rim version.

Also as the prescription lenses are bespoke, feel free to ask for any specific combinations such as tint strength or colour.

NB in regards to PD (Pupil Distance) this is not normally available but is fairly simple to measure 

To get your PD Hold a ruler against your eyebrows. Align the ruler’s 0 mm with the center of your left pupil. Look straight ahead. Close your left eye and open your right eye. The mm line that lines up to the center of your right pupil is your PD. You now have a single PD measurement

Popular Lens Options Below for a prescriptions and they can be bespoke just ask

Standard Grey Tint or Polarized

NB Polarized Lens are good for glare but not for Ice ( A mirror Finish is a good alternative) 

Drivewear transitions

Great for contrast and low light, perfect for golf and cycling

Blue Mirror Finish

A great all round sports sunglasses, the mirror helps with glare

Clear Lenses or Xtractive Transitions

Ideal for all scenarios

Some Examples Of Our Prescription Orders in a Sports Frame with various lens finishes

Our lenses are produced in either Polycarbonate or Trivex with a hard coat as standard to ensure they last in extreme conditions

Prescription pair in single vision with a silver mirror finish
image of our ultimate photochromic lenses and a pair or transitions drivewear prescription sunglasses
Silver mirror prescription sunglasses with a base grey tint
varifocal prescription lenses with a gold mirror finish
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