• Sports Prescription Sunglasses

    You Did Not Want Clip-ins
    ​So We Developed Ours Without, perfect for all Sports!

Wrap Prescription Lenses for Cyclists too

No Lens behind a lens!

Over the last 10 years and a few ups and downs we can now say confidently we have produced the ideal sports prescription lenses to suit all budgets from our £65 optical rim version

to a full wrap version starting at £165 in single vision lens, but also we can do varifocals and transitions.

We designed these specifically after all the Exhibitions we went to when we first started out, when you said if you can do a wrap lens then we would be interested. They took some time to develop and have evolved over recent years to what we now feel are the ideal options for all prescriptions

woman cyclist wearing cycling prescription sunglasses
Example of our single vision photochromic prescription sports glasses with a wrap lens and mirror finish
Our Ultimate Photochromic Transitions with a yellow base tint, which goes grey with sunlight and a blue mirror finish

Full Wrap Sports Prescription Sunglasses

It may be hard to believe but the image here is a example of a single vision prescription lens with a yellow base tint with a mirror finish, with a -2.0 cylinder.

Since developing these during lockdown, we have now upgraded using the Transitions Drivewear lens, which not only work in the car but great for low light ideal for cycling and with the contrast effects superb for golf too. 

If you do not like the Amber tint we can also do the same with Xtractive Transitions which go from clear to Grey and again we can add a flash mirror finish, but due to the fairly complex manufacture they can take 3 to 4 weeks to produce.

A clear single vision wrap lenses start at £165 to these ultimate photochromic lenses at £295 in a single vision incl a water repellent coating

Details On Our Prescription Wrap Lenses
Our most affordable prescription sports sunglasses set in a optical rim with a blue mirror finish starting at £65 a pair
These are our cheapest prescription lenses, but rather than the uncomfortable clip-in's these optical rims take a standard lens

Our Cheapest Sports Glasses

Originally these were designed for customers who have a very high prescription and although not as attractive as the full wrap version, they are perfect if you are looking for an inexpensive pair of sunglasses that give you excellent protection, but at a very affordable price.

Starting at £65 you cannot go wrong and can be produced quickly if you are in a rush.

We manufactured these as an alternative to the the clip ins, which virtually all cyclist hate, mainly because clip ins slip are heavy and do not have very good peripheral vision and when they steam up are almost imposible to clear.

Most importantly they can accommodate any prescription

Details On Our Optical Rim Prescription Version

Ultimate Photochromic Sports Prescription Sunglasses

By shear luck we developed a lens which is perfect for sport with a base amber tint which goes grey in the sunlight and then a mirror finish as you can see in the images below.

We have quite a few combinations with the prescriptions and can be made specifically to your requirements. The images below show the difference between the standard photochromic lens and the Transitions Drivewear with a blue mirror finish, which should help when deciding which lens is most suitable. Both are excellent with the Drivewear for the car, but with the amber/brown tint is are excellent for contrast, good for golf, cricket etc and works in low light.

The yellow photochromic lenses are great for low light and also when dark, but do not work in the car, ideal for cycling particularly for the evening London Commute
example of our ultimate photochromic lenses and a transitions driveware lenses for prescription lenses with a mirror finished and exposed to sunlight
Activated to UV400 On the left is our Divewear lenses and on the right is our yellow photochromic. NB the intensity of the mirror depends on the brightness of the sunshine
Same photochromic lense which have not been exposed to UV400 light
Un-Activated to UV400 On the left is our yellow light Photochromic enhancing lens with a blue mirror finish. On the right is DriveWear Transitions which have a amber tint for low light and contrast, which works in the car also and great for golf
Man wearing our ultimate photochromic lenses while walking

Perfect for all sports

When it comes to sport the key is to forget you are wearing sunglasses, because you do not want them to detract from the performance, whether it be horse riding, Golf, Tennis, Golf, Running, Cycling Triathlons etc

What makes ours special is that they do not slip or bounce and have no clip in to restrict your peripheral vision

Image of the main features of our sports frames

Some Examples Of Our Prescription Orders in a Sports Frame with various lens finishes

Prescription pair in single vision with a silver mirror finish
image of our ultimate photochromic lenses and a pair or transitions drivewear prescription sunglasses
Silver mirror prescription sunglasses with a base grey tint
varifocal prescription lenses with a gold mirror finish
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