The Eclipse Rimless Sports Sunglasses
The Eclipse Rimless Sports Sunglasses

The Eclipse Rimless Sports Sunglasses

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Release date to be comfirmed (target date May or Birmingham cycle show)

Presently we are in the process of developing our latest designs to compliment our collection with a single rimless sports frame.

The design brief is fairly simple and based on the demands of cyclist, wanting a single lens frame with unobstructive view when in the drop possition on the bike.

The ability to change lenses easily was also a criteria, but having looked at the competition they needed to be more robust.

Also comfortable and light which fits with the nakedrunner ethos!

After a lot of development time we are confident the prototype is getting closer to production, particularly with the interchangable lens causing us the greatest headache but now we believe we have one of the simplist systems for changing lenses with a push of a button.

We have also agreed with a meeting with Karl Zeiss lenses, to have their lenses as standard with our new frames, continuing with the same nylon material found on our Sol Invictus (lighter more scratch ressistant and better clarity of vision than polycarbonate)

Also a couple of things to note is the centre rim which will make the frame more ridged and the frames will come with two lenses a mirror with the ideal tint for road cycling and a low light yellow lens tint.