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Optical Rim Prescription
Optical Rim Prescription
Optical Rim Prescription

Optical Rim Prescription

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When we developed this option, it was really aimed for those customers with a high prescription, but since working more closely with our lab our standard wrap around has been able to reach prescriptions well above -4 and +4 making them almost redundant.

Since then we have found apart from those with a high prescription many customers just want something that functions and is cost effective. So utilising our contacts we have negotiated a superb price point starting at £58 for a single vision sports prescription pair without having to have double glazing. The result is they are increadibly comfortable, your eyelashes do not touch the lens and couple this with our non slip light frames, they are a fantastic combination.

After all not everyone wants to pay over £200 for a pair of sports sunglasses. So as we have a lot of spare optical inserts and plenty of stock of the Ron Hill Black originals, we decided to combine both and make a rather attractive offer till the end of this year.

Also they have not only been tested by cyclist, they have even tested under the most grueling conditions the marathon Des Sables in the Sahara

Once ordered if you can upload your prescription below, then we can get things moving and should take no longer than 10 days

NB for prescription over +3 or -3 we would recommend the thin versions

If your prescription doesn't have your PD (Pupil Distance) a selfie with a ruler on your forehead will be fine.

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