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New for 2020 we have decided to create a new range specifically fashion orintated rather than for running. At the end of the day we felt as we are in the sunglasses business it made a lot of sense!

The main reason for doing this is in part due to the success of the URBAN:ELITE and URBAN:FUN and a few test frames at the varrious expos we did during 2019 and with Jamie Baulch becoming a new fan and a couple of weeks ago getting Colin Jackson in on the act.

So based on the successes and failures we have put a range together which should suit young and old and male or female, not that any one is old!!

Currently we have just listed a very few pairs on Amazon, as we are looking at building some traction on the largest retailer in the world, so any reviews would be appreciated aterwards.

We have discounted to more than half price in some cases and includes free shipping, the only catch is with most of the new designs there is only a very few available. So, if you miss it and still want to take advantage let us know via email so we can get enouph stock (Should be available in a couple of weeks)

Here is the link to our new collection

NB the new URBAN:ELITE is now a premium frame which you can see on our website and is the only one available in prescription. And can be found here.

In addition, if you are following us on Facebook or Instagram, we will be giving a few pairs away from last years collections and we have a one-off Primary in Coral up for grabs.

In the meantime, have a great Festive break and hope to see a few of you in the new year at the various shows we will be exhibiting at.

Below is the range of the new styles for 2020



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