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Running Sunglasses

ND:R or formally known as NAKED:RUNNER built our reputation on our sunglasses, probably because this is where it all started with our founder being a runner, in fact barefoot in Spain!

As a result we are passionate about getting the design right for runners, mainly because it is difficult to find the perfect pair. The key for a comfortable pair is that they do not slip which is why both our frames the Originals and the Sol Invictus are made with adjustable nose pads and are incredibly light with a firm fit and you do not want them to steam up.

The Sol Invictus are the most advanced and were developed to improve on the Originals, although the Originals will suit the smaller size head. Whereas the Sol Invictus suit the standard head size to large.

Both frames have been now tested under all conditions from the fun run to ultra marathons and the latest Iron Man by Emma Deary and manage to finish in 9hrs 42 mins for GB.

You can see her to left finishing wearing the Red and White Sol Invictus.

Probably the fastest pver the Marathon in a pair of our originals is Mick Clohisey with a time of 2hrs 15 Mins and the image below is him running the Marathon during the Rio Olympics. I should add it was also raining at the time.

A couple of other notable athletes are Louise Minchin the Triathlete from the BBC and Yiannis another GB athlete wearing the Sol Invictus

Still you do not need to take our word for it just check out all the reviews, particularly on our Facebook page

Yiannis Christodoulou GB International Aquathlete & Team Captain



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