Prescription Sports Sunglasses

When we were developing the new range of Sports Sunglasses we were constantly being asked for a prescription version without a clip in at an affordable price.

As a result, we started to work with the leading supplier of prescription lenses to the opticians to see if they could develop a lens for our frames. After some trial and error, we now have what we believe to be the most attractive wrap around sports prescription glasses on the market. (You only need to read the reviews to know why)

More importantly, our laboratory recently purchased the most up to date equipment, to enable us to push the lens to a -7 or a +8 prescription. NB any prescription over +4 or -4 we need to check your prescription first.

One of the biggest advantages of working closely with the lens manufacturer we can bespoke the lenses to your requirements including Transitions, Polarized, Varifocals, lens tints and various mirror finishes.

The result is probably one of the most desirable sports prescription sunglasses available as they look so good even when not playing a sport.

The best part of all is our prices starting at £70 for our URBAN:FUN Range and £150 for our SportTech Originals

The main advantages are:

  • Lighter
  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean
  • Eyelashes do not touch the lens
  • Unrestricted vision (no annoying rim when looking to the side)
  • Scratch resistance as standard
  • Choice of tint for ideal conditions see below:

Prices below are in British Pounds and discounted for 2019 as an introductory offer.

UPDATE we are now able to offer payment plans over 4 months if needed

Lens Material URBAN:FUN Single Vision SportTech Single Vision SportTech Varifocal
CR39 Tinted UV400 70.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Polarized 115.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Polarized with Mirror 140.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Transitions 120.00 Not recommended Not recommended
Polycarbonate Clear 80.00 165.00 185.00
Polycarbonate Tinted 85.00 185.00 215.00
Polycarbonate Tinted with Mirror 110.00 215.00 235.00
Polycarbonate Polarized 110.00 215.00 235.00
Polycarbonate Polarized with Mirror 145.00 240.00 255.00
Polycarbonate Transitions 160.00 235.00 265.00
1.6 High Index Tinted 110.00 205.00 225.00
1.6 High Index Polarized 155.00 225.00 245.00
1.6 High Index Transitions 160.00 260.00 280.00

If you have any questions then feel free to email us at

or call on 0161 818 2060

Below are Mike and Helen one of our first testers of the original frames with a direct glassed lens they cycled around the world

While raising awareness and money for the mental health charity MIND

Below is a view of our SOL:INVICTUS with a prescription lens

silver mirror polarised sports sunglasses front

Silver Mirror Polarised prescription above and below is a view from behind

silver mirror polarised sports sunglasses back

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