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Our Ambassador Programme ND:R Sports aka NAKED:RUNNER Ltd are looking to expand world wide and build on the success we’ve had in the UK With the changes in retail over the last few years, social is the most important way to build a brand and not just via the likes of Facebook Twitter and Instagram, but also just talking down the gym at the club track, on the golf course or even at the pub!

Given this we are looking for several individuals who want to help us grow and earn money doing so, as a result we have 3 options

The first would be a Country Manager where you would run a website specifically for your country responsible for all sales in your county, which could be via retail, exhibitions and competitions maybe even sponsor some of your own athletes and earn commission on all sales. There can only be one per country and for this and you would need to have plenty of free time as this would be like owning your own business.

Sales Ambassadors which are individuals who want to earn some commission while promoting the brand.

Ambassadors who just love the product and share the love

Also, retail can also get involved too by buying stock, but why not consider just having a couple of samples and let us ship!

There are many opportunities to get involved particularly in specific sports such as golf, cricket, rowing etc and new product planned each year.

If you want to get involved just get in touch with either Kerry O’Flaherty our worldwide Ambassador Manager or Stephen Fowler the Founder Just send an email to stephen@ndrsports.com and let us know why you would like to become an ambassador

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