ND:R Sports Prescription Sunglasses

When we were developing the new range of sunglasses we wanted to enable prescription lenses as an option, after the demand from the various shows we have exhibited at over the last couple of years.

The biggest request was to enable a single lens rather than a clip in, which we have now managed with the latest state of the art equipment from our lab in the UK.

This will take away the need of a lens behind a lens and although more expensive produces a pair of sunglasses which not only can you use for sport, but also will not look out of place in a casual setting.

The main advantages are:

  • Lighter
  • Attractive
  • Easy to clean
  • Eyelashes do not touch the lens
  • Unrestricted vision (no annoying rim when looking to the side)
  • Scratch ressistanceas standard

If you are interested the prices are below, but for more details please contact us direct as these lenses are made specifically to your requirements including the amount of tint and the mirror colour and even lens shape. In addition some prescriptions are more difficult to others, so we prefer to check with the lab we are able to produce for you.

In addition we are more than happy to send you a pair to try first if required.

For more difficult prescriptions and if price is a factor then we are able to offer our optical rim version, although not as attractive are less expensive and therefore more about function.

Above is a video to show a Sports Tech Single Vision pair with a +4 in one lens and a -4 in the other

 Prices below are in British Pounds and discounted for 2018 as an introductry offer.

Lens Material Optical Rim Single Vision SportTech Single Vision SportTech Varifocal
CR39 Tinted UV400 75.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Polarized 85.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Polarized with Mirror 115.00 Not recommended Not recommended
CR39 Transitions 115.00 Not recommended Not recommended
Polycarbonate Clear 80.00 165.00 185.00
Polycarbonate Tinted 85.00 175.00 215.00
Polycarbonate Tinted with Mirror 110.00 215.00 235.00
Polycarbonate Polarized 110.00 215.00 235.00
Polycarbonate Polarized with Mirror 145.00 240.00 255.00
Polycarbonate Transitions 145.00 235.00 265.00
1.6 High Index Tinted 95.00 205.00 225.00
1.6 High Index Polarized 150.00 225.00 245.00
1.6 High Index Transitions 160.00 260.00 280.00


Example of the optical rim

Sports tech with a Gold mirror finish.

If you have any questions then feel free Please email us at sales@ndrsports.com

or call 0161 818 2060

Below is an example of a varifocal sports prescription frames with a 10% grey tint

Below is Mike and Helen one of our first testers of the original frames with a direct glassed lens they cycled around the world https://twitter.com/EverEastCycle/

While raising awareness and money for the mental health charity MIND