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ND:R Elite performance sports eyewear are so lightweight they give you complete freedom to enjoy your sport and help you perform. At NAKED:RUNNER we are passionate about sports, which is why our sports sunglasses are designed to enhance your performance rather than detract from it.

Weighing just 22 grams and with a comfortable fit you actually forget that you're wearing them at all. We have a choice of three styles in our range; the originals, which are our primary range, and have grown from just black to a collection of 9 different colours; the carbon fibre-high end cycling sunglasses and finally the Urban Elite collection, for when you want to look cool around the city.

No matter what sport you play, NAKED:RUNNER sports sunglasses are perfect. Whether it's for running, cycling, golf, cricket, sailing etc because of their secure fit and range of lenses for the ideal application. If you are still not sure whether you need our eyewear, check out the many superb reviews and testimonials on our website and all over the internet.

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