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Club Colours

As we are coming to the end of the season in the UK and we are in the process of developing 2 new frames for 2019 with a pre-launch offer details here. It became obvious this would be an ideal opportunity to get the new frames manufactured in colours to match teams.

Because we are a small company it is difficult for us to produce frames in too many colours, but if we can get enough preorders, we should be able to cover most teams and for the help and support, we can offer a massive discount so that we both win.

We will need to decide on the number of frames and colours within the next couple of months before production, the cutoff date will likely to be 1st December 2018 for delivery in February.

We have also decided to extend this offer to our other frames the Sol Invictus and the Primary range as above.

As these will be pre-production and depending on numbers, we will have some flexibility in bespoke packages including lenses.

If you are interested then email us direct at stephen@ndrsports.com

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