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Ambassador Club

The Ambassador Club was an idea I had when I started the company. I wanted to reward the customers who had the courage to buy from me when I first started, in fact at the very beginning you could only buy a black pair!

There was no club rules or perks just a promise to remember them, to give extra special offers with a new product when it is launched. More recently I gave ambassadors a 20% discount code which they can use at anytime and I would like it be for the lifetime of the company (Although this is more difficult to promise as circumstance can change, for now that is the plan) 

The other reason I wanted to acknowledge these early customers was because without their referrals and support with tweets share likes and all, we would not be where we are today. 

Since then I have felt it would be good to open this membership to other customers, but I wanted to make it exclusive the obvious one is owning a number of frames or customers who have gone out of their way to help me promote NAKED:RUNNER and there has been quite a few of these, some of whom I need to contact.

So today with the launch of the ND:R token to help us raise funds to grow our company I wanted to open the club to customers who have 100 or more tokens as this will give you a small share in our company 0.01% to be exact and depending on the number of tokens some great gifts.

So If you want to become a Ambasador then all the details are on this page How to be part of the future of NAKED:RUNNER and there are some great perks associated with them.


Stephen Fowler



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