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The Story of Nakedrunner Ltd and ND:R Sports

Naked Runner was officially born on the 10th July 2014 with a desire to have the best running sunglasses on the market, which I think we managed to do with the original Ron Hill Black pair getting great reviews from our fans especially on our Facebook page.

Since then we have added several colours to the range with a special mention for the green pair as our fastest with a time of 2hrs 15 mins by Mick Clohisey from Ireland and I am particularly chuffed as he even wore them at Rio in the Rain.

Also, the Mimi Pink deserve a special a special mention as these are Louise Minchin’s competing sunglasses, which she has worn representing GB as a Triathlete and all her races since.

Since then we have seen our sunglasses performing at all levels with many podium finishes for the primary range and our latest addition the “SOL:INVICTUS” from ambassadors and friends lead by Kerry O’Flaherty who has been our Star Athlete Ambassador whom from almost the beginning, you would find it hard to find a photo not wearing a pair.   

What makes our Sports Sunglasses stand out from the crowd is the comfort and quality, which makes them ideal for most sports and with the new range specifically designed to take a prescription lens, without the need a clip in attachment we are able to bespoke any lens you may require.

So no matter what sport you play, NAKED:RUNNER sports sunglasses are perfect for running, cycling, golf, cricket, sailing and many other sports where comfort and protection are paramount. If you are still not sure whether you need our eyewear, check out the many superb reviews and testimonials on our website and all over the internet.

British by Design
We’re Naked Runner and we make sports performance eyewear lightweight enough to give you complete freedom, and strong enough to help you enjoy your sport, so ultimately you perform better.

When Performance Counts

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