Why Our Golfing Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses for Golfers, it is not just about looking cool on the fairways, but what most golfers do not realise is that having the right shades can help improve your performance. More importantly, it gives protection from the harmful Ultraviolet waves and not just for sunny days or on the Costa del Sol!

So why should a golfer buy a sports specific frame over a standard pair of aviator frames or more specifically why a pair of ours.
Well you could say a leap of faith because we have been focusing on the performance rather than the fashion, you only need to read the amazing reviews below to realise.

PS We have now developed our Ultimate Photochromic Sports Sunglasses perfect for all weather conditions

Why Our Golfing Sunglasses

There are so many reasons for a golfer to wear sports sunglasses we are surprised more do not, but then again before it was about fashion now it is about the performance.

Below is a list of the key benefits for golfers

1. Secure wraparound fit, which ensures the frames do not move when making your swing and no distracting light from the sides while you look up the fairway and stops the wind from blowing into your eyes, particularly on the links courses.

2. Non-slip nose pads, fewer distractions and stops them slipping down the nose when looking down at the ball.
3.Amber lens tint which helps with contrast when looking down the fairways enabling a clearer vision which helps in seeing the balls and the flagpole.

4. The relaxing effect, it is very noticeable when wearing these sunglasses that you become less tense, squinting causes you to tighten up not good when putting. 

5. Comfort, when you are spending a few hours out on the course you need to forget about them.

8. Low Light lenses which brighten and gives the effect of a nice summers day even in the rain!

9. Photochromic Lenses for all weathers

Also we had a good mention in the PGA magazine in July below or you can read here pages 44-45  - https://issuu.com/thepga/docs/pgaprojuly_issuu

UV400 Protection

Cancer protection with UVA protection although we hear a lot about this, golfers can be very prone to this given the amount of time they spend outdoors, even under cloudy conditions.

NB The skin around your eyes, including your eyelids is very sensitive to sunlight. And nearly 10% of skin cancers are found near the eyes. Wearing UV-protective wraparound sunglasses with large lenses can not only protect your eyes, but they’ll protect your skin, too.

Also gives Protection against Pinguecula and Pterygium, These two eye conditions are believed to be directly caused by long-term exposure to UV (ultraviolet) light from the sun and to wind and dust particles whilst outdoors and both conditions involve growths forming on the conjunctiva (the clear covering) of the whites of your eyes and can severely affect your vision.
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