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Collection: Prescription Sports Sunglasses

When designing our sports sunglasses we wanted to ensure prescription was a viable option and not cost the earth. Most importantly we did not want a clip-in as they are heavy and a disaster to clean if they steam up and do not give a good all-round field of vision.

Our optical rim will work with all prescriptions and is very cost-effective perfect if you have a high prescription or want something robust, sporty and doesn't cost the earth, these start at £65 in a single vision or £90 in varifocals More Details Here

Our wrap-around lenses start at £165 in a single clear vision lens and varifocal at £220 and are just like a normal pair of sports sunglasses glasses where the actual prescription si curved More Details Here

We can make these lenses to suit you with different tints and our newly launched Ultimate Transitions with 3 in one lens 1. Yellow base tint 2. Photochromic 3. The mirror finish of your choice, In addition, we can do Varifocals and Xtractive Transitions

A couple of unbiased reviews below 

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