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Collection: Prescription Sports Sunglasses

When designing our sunglasses we decided not to go with the clip in option, based on research from our customers, basically, they did not like them, because they are a when they steam up you cannot clean them and do not give a good field of vision.

1. The perfect option is our premium lenses, which wrap around as per a pair of sports sunglasses, they are more expensive due to the manufacturing process but they do give you the perfect all round visibility and look superb with various options.

2.  Our second option which is much more affordable and enables us to cater for all prescriptions is our optical rim, where we are able to add a standard prescription lens, perfect if you are after function more than looks or you have a high prescription over + or - 4

3. We have just launched our Ultimate Transitions in a prescription and as a standard pair of sunglasses, with 3 in one lens, you have all conditions covered.


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