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Which are the best sunglasses for the marathon des Sables

Ours, of course!  

Joking aside, we spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect pair of sunglasses for runners, whereas our competitors have concentrated on the cycling market. This was, in part, down to my experience as a runner. 

I have run one Ultramarathon in Granada Spain, the Veleta, and I guarantee you will forget you even have them on, as they are so light, at just 22 grams. 

While the quality lenses mean you don't even realise there's anything in front of your eyes, best of all, they do not slip. 

Obviously, running in the desert, you need sunglasses; not just protection from the sun, but also from the sand getting in your eyes. One important fact not to miss is that they also stop you from squinting, which helps you relax, which will, of course, help you perform better. Paula Radcliffe agrees! 

So, it's no surprise that runners often wear our sunglasses in the gruelling MDS. We even had the first British Athlete, Rob Pope aka Forrest Gump, wearing them, as you can see in the video below.  

There's no way you could wear contacts in the desert, but we do have the option for a prescription pair of sunglasses. We have two versions which can be made for any prescription; a very inexpensive pair, starting at just £55 and our wrap-around lenses, starting at £165. 

The most exciting development, designed during the lockdown, are our Ultimate Transitions. These are perfect for the MDS race where you’ll be running at night. They cost £120 and are something rather special. 

Obviously, there are other brands, but I'm certain you will struggle to find anything of the same ND:R quality for the ND:R price.  

Good luck MDS runners!


 Also on the ladies side the Running Dutchie here she is doing another Ultra in Fuerteventura.



Also as a contact lens wearer, there is no way you would be able to wear those in the desert, but we do have the option for a prescription pair, we have two versions on very inexpensive pair starting at £59 which can be made for any prescription details here or our wrap around lenses starting at £165 here

The most exciting development which we designed during lock down, which will suit the MDS race are our Ultimate Transitions, as sometimes you will be running at night and these cost  £120 but are something rather special more details here

Obviously there are other brands, but I a know you will struggle to find anything as good a quality for the price. Other than that good luck with the MDS

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