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Our sports lens versus the competition

When we developed the SOL:INVICTUS range I wanted to ensure the quality of the products was the best, which is why the frames are made of TR90. This material is so much better than cheap imitations, which are made of plastic and are incredibly dangerous because they snap easily. More than this they snap with sharp splinters (I have seen a few nasty scars because of this) TR90 is virtually impossible to break and if it does there are no sharp edges.

One area I have not shouted about enough are the lenses, where this time rather than opt for Polycarbonate lenses, we went for Nylon or the technical term is Polyamide. You do not see these on most sports sunglasses, because they are 3 times the price!

So why is polyamide the best material for sports lenses, well it is all about performance so if you have the perfect vision it can only give you a leading edge.

So to clarify Nylon Lenses beat Polycarbonate on

Aberration so there is less blurring or smearing effect on objects viewed

Refractive index (Less light correction)

Material pureness

Flexible less likely to snap.



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