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Our Crowdfunding experiment explained

How it relates to Bitcoin and how we are making History!

At this moment in time we have what I believe is one of the most amazing unique offers/crowdfunding opportunity ever and unless you have had experience of using bitcoin, our offer probably doesn't make much sense.

Firstly by now you will I am sure you have heard of bitcoin, I did about 4 years ago and was excited then. Most people still do not really understand the protocol behind the coin, judging by the conversations I have had to date. So to explain it is a distributed ledger where every transaction can be seen on the web and cannot be tampered with and is programmable.

What is exciting about bitcoin is that for the very first time, a company like mine can offer shares to customers, pay dividends and enable voting rights without the need for a third party.

ND:R Tokens

Knowing this I wanted to do something a little different to the typical crowdfunding options available. So after speaking with our accountants we are able to issue 5% of our company and allocate it to ND:R tokens, 50k in total making each token worth 0.0001% of Nakedrunner limited.

We then wanted to reward our customers who pre-order our new range with the equivalent amount in pounds spent in our ND:R tokens. Doing this although may seem rather generous, was a very logical thing to do because our customers are our best ambassadors. Just think how enthusiatic we all will be if you know your token value will increase to more than the price you paid for the sunglasses, we all then win.

So the Experiment...

The easiest way to explain how this works is for Nakedrunner to give away a few shares so that you can see how it all works a or just buy a pair of our new sunglasses. If you would like to take part in this experiment all you need to do is go to the WAVES website and download either the phone apps of use the web browser version direct links below.

The only really important thing you need to remember is if you forget your password phrase then you lose your shares. So when you set up an account write down the 15-word phrase and keep it in a safe place should you lose your phone or the computer crashes.

Secondly email me your WAVES address and I will send you a fraction of a share of Nakedrunner which is when the magic will happen.



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