ND:R Sunglasses perfect for Triathletes!

As we close the summer season I have had a chance to reflect on sales, particularly from the exhibitions we have done so far this year.

There is a fair bit of competition out there for sports sunglasses, in particular, the cycling market, obviously dominated by Oakleys. Saying that ND:R sunglasses have fared well against the bigger brands, which in some ways surprised me when you consider the amount of money they are able to invest.

I am also pleased to have many customers buy more than one pair, which means we must be doing something right and last week I received an email from Louise Minchin a UK Age Group Triathlete and BBC News Presenter saying 

Thanks so much for the glasses, as you know I love them and wouldn’t race without them.

Which I have to admit really made me very happy, so what makes our frames so special?

I suspect it is because when I design a frame the above all feature is that they have to be comfortable, to the point you have no idea you are wearing them. Also because I initially came from a runners point of view rather than a cyclist, which means that most cycling sunglasses do not function as well when running, generally because they have a larger coverage. Saying that it turns out that the smaller lens, solves a particular Cyclist issue of steaming up, as our lenses let more air flow the key to clear viewing.

So in the end it shouldnt have been a surprise that triathletes like our frames, mainly because they work so well as a pair of running sunglasses as they do on a bike. If you then add that they are virtually unbreakable and tend to stick to your face they become an obvious choice for transition. At the end of the day we believe sports sunglasses should not detract from your performance.

Over the last year we now have a number of triathlon teams wearing our frames

If you want to give our sunglasses a test run,then use the coupon code triathlete you will get 20% off our triathletes frames here