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I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happened at NAKED:RUNNER since my last email.

To begin with, the release our new yellow lens type, as requested by cyclists who like the added benefit of heightening the contrast in overcast, hazy and low-light conditions outdoors or for indoor sports whilst also filtering blue light for sharper focus.

In addition to this, if you hadn’t already noticed on Facebook, we recently launched a new white version of our sunglasses named Caballo Blanco. These sunglasses were named after the barefoot runner who is immortalised in the Book "Born To Run", which served as my own inspiration to start running barefoot and is also the reason behind the name NAKED:RUNNER.
I’m also excited to announce a revamp of the Blazing Red Sunglasses to include a gloss finish and by combining these two colours I am able to create a bespoke red and white pair ready for the Rio Olympics.

So far this has been a great year for NAKED:RUNNER, I am sure this is a result of the many exhibitions that we have taken part in this year and I was more than chuffed to see a few fans come along to say high.

loise mintchin wearing nakedrunner sunglasses

Russ Munroe wearing ND:R sunglasses

I loved the feedback I heard about our sunglasses, with the highlight being Louise Mitchin from the BBC (Top) buying a pair of sunglasses at the Manchester Show, which then was topped by her wearing them whilst competing in the Euro Triathlon Champs in Lisbon. I also felt honoured when Bruce Munroe (Below), also representing GB at Lisbon, had NAKED:RUNNER printed on his Tri Suit.

In addition to Kerry O'Flaherty, 2 new ambassadors have joined the NAKED:RUNNER team, Dominic King who will be representing GB in Rio in the 50 km walk and Richard Hayes who is doing a great job for The Children’s Hospital Charity, so please give them your full support in their campaigns.


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