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Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Now the games are over I can reflect just a little on my first foray into promoting my brand on a bigger stage, none other than the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

I am pleased to say that for this little start up company we managed to make a small splash on a big event, with the help of Team Guernsey and Kerry O’Flaherty of Northern Ireland. I have to admit I have no idea what the return will be on supplying the team and Kerry with a few sunglasses, but I do know that their support was overwhelming and heart felt. It was a real case of giving something and getting more back than you ever expected.

As a result I know I will be going to Guernsey some time soon and it would be nice to think that Nakedrunner will always be associated with Guernsey, given how they have supported me in the early days. With better planing and a team behind me I am sure I could have done more, but like everything you learn as you go along.

What was also fantastic was the support of my customers (Not sure if I like that term) Because while I was running my promotion on Facebook, it would never have been as successful as it was without the support of the Nakedrunner fans (Maybe a better term!) by virtue of the comments of fellow runners, well I know I like the sunglasses but who is going to believe me lol.

Below a few photos at the Commonwealths

Team Gurnsey wearing Nakedrunner Green SunglassesKerry O'Flaherty with Alison DixsonTeam Gurnsey Road Cycling team with Naked green sunglasseskerry and friendsNaked Green Sports sunglasses with Glasgow offical track suitwomens cycling at GlasgowAlyson Dixon sporting Nakedrunner running sunglasses keer at the commenwealth stadium in Glasgowrefection in glasgowgreg rutherford at glasgow comonwealth games


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