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These are our original sports sunglasses aimed originally for runners due to their lightweight and comfort. Ideal for smaller faces and start at just £35

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These are our latest range of sports sunglasses but aimed at all sports. They have a number of enhancements on our primary range, including the ultimate in lens materials in particular the mirror blue lenses ideal for golf and cricket and for the first time available with a polarised lens. In addition these can be converted to a sports prescription without the need of a second lens. These start at £55

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New for 2019 these sporty shades are more for fun, comfortable lightweight and great for any time. Available in different shades and lenses but all polarised. Perfect for the park run or just in the car or on the beach playing volleyball On offer for just £35

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Kerry O'Flaherty 3000 Mtr Olympian

Carly Booth GB Pro Golfer

Jamie Baulch 400 mtr Olympian

Emma Deary GB IronMan

chis wearing a pair of our prescription sports glasses

Prescription Sports Sunglasses

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Emma wearing sol invictus sports sunglasses at the end of the Nice IronMan

Sunglasses perfect for Triathletes!

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Yiannis GB triathlete finishing with UK union jack

Originaly Designed for running

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